Ever have a bright idea as you’re traveling down the highway sporting a new pair of burgundy leather sandals on a bright summer day?  You know I did and a story must be coming, right?  Here goes…my friend, Barb, and I were traveling one summer day.  Our destination seems to have gotten lost in my memories, but the journey still remains. 

I like to think that I’m the more adventurous and daring one of us, but with age comes wisdom and her thoughts might have been, “Let’s hold back and let the dumb one make the first move.”  As we travelled, Barb noticed there there were cattails growing alongside the road, and she decided that she wanted to take one home as a souvenir, so off the road we went to fulfill her summer dream. 

We both went down to the little gully to pluck a cattail prize and take ‘er home.  You might think that challenge would be an easy one, right?  It was certainly more difficult than you could imagine.  First lesson–cattails like a lot of water, so the closer we got to the cattails, the more mushy the ground became.  Did that stop me?  Not I.  Man on a mission, I was–or woman on a mission, you might say.  All thoughts on the cattail, not on my sandals. 

Second lesson–Cattails are heavy, so it makes sense that they would have to have a strong stem to hold them up.  Think you’re going to be able to snap one of those babies without some help?  Nope.  It was a major effort.

By the time we returned to the car, my feet were dyed red from the wet sandals (which became brown after that), but we were victorious–cattail in hand.  Now, if I remember the story correctly, Barb took the cattail home to keep it in her house.  At some point in time, it exploded, making a rather large mess.  Who’s the dumb one now, huh?  Seems the discolored sandals were a constant reminder that perhaps the dumb one was me.

So, today’s challenge is to remember that to focus on the destination might just cause you to miss the fun in the journey.  And if you happen to get any bright ideas that require an enthusiastic, but not too bright catalyst, ready to leap before she looks, I might answer my phone, but will probably think for a fleeting moment before I leap.  Think you’re tough enough to take the challenge?  I know you are.  After all, you are the Best!  Remember, life is a journey.  Take time to enjoy it!  Make some memories.  If you think you’ve done some dumb things in your life–call me.  We’ll commiserate together!  Go ahead!  I dare you to laugh!  Make me proud!


Seems the internet is now providing a new space for conflict…and laughter.  Last night, a young friend of mine, Abby, messaged me with the request to instant message her mother that she wanted to go to the zoo on Saturday.  Ahh, a new way to torment parents.  I’m in.  So, I made my best effort, being one of many recruited in the effort. 

I asked her mom, Shona,  if she had any requests.  She might as well gain something from being put through this slam campaign.  Her request, “World peace…and a clean bathroom.”  Representing my new client, I negotiated the offer.  Instant response from my young friend was, “DONE”.  Could it have been any easier?  With a reminder that there was indeed a bathroom to scrub, my friend, Abby, was off and running, bleach and scrub brush in hand.  World peace…and a clean bathroom.  Not bad for an evening’s work!

So, today’s challenge is to remember to put a little peace in your heart.  And if you already do that, you know that you are my hero.  Think you’re tough enough to pass on that peace to another?  I dare you to try.  I will, too.  Now, I’ve put a little thought into this world peace thing.  Is it possible that asking for it just might be enough?  Maybe we just expected it would be  harder to achieve.  I’m willing to ask.  How ’bout you?  Work for peace in your little corner of the world.  I’ll work for it in mine.  And who knows, maybe all those little pieces just might connect like a puzzle. 

Oh, yeah–and don’t forget to clean the bathroom, too.  Sometimes that effort seems more difficult to achieve than world peace, doesn’t it?  You are the Best and good things are coming your way!  Make me proud!


Picture this–tiny tiger kitty–Angel-Kitty!  Got the picture?  Her name is Sapphire, but we call her Sassy–and you’re about to see why.  Sassy had her first scheduled visit to the vet for a bit of surgery.  They said she needed fixing.  She tells me that she was not broken.

Our drop-off visit was nothing to talk about.  She was calm, quiet, unexcited–a bit unsure after her first ride in that Pet Taxi.  I’m sure she’ll be talking about the crazy taxi ride she had for months, however, when I left her there–seems something broke loose.

I called mid-afternoon to check on Sassy’s progress after her surgery.  She was resting comfortably and ready for pick-up.  So—after work–I proceeded to pick up one daughter and we made our trek to the vet’s office to bring her home.  Seems, the tiny, sweet little angel-cat I had left at the vet’s office had turned into Ninja Kitty–Protector of her very own Tail in my absence.

The young lady who welcome us to the office rolled her eyes and informed the entire office–who were already very well aware–that Sassy could well have been a star in the next taping of Girls Gone Wild.  Just getting her out of the cage for surgery had been an amazing scene.  Silly girl–she had tried to put a towel over Sassy’s head to remove her from the cage.  Sassy, not going down without a fight–flung the towel off her head and lunged for the attendant.  You could expect that the lady would advise me that SHE would not be bringing Sassy out, but I would be going in to get her.

The attendant told me to let Sassy see me first, begging, “Please–don’t let her see me.”  After a short growl, Sassy heard my voice and turned back into Angel-Kitty.  I put her into the Pet Taxi for the ride home–the attendant holding the other end of the Pet Taxi, hiding behind it, still saying, “DON’T LET HER SEE ME.”

Today’s lesson:  When you think you are small and powerless, think again.  You’ve got the power.  Let’s shake ‘em up.  Be a little Sassy!  Make a little scene.  Get their attention.  Get things done.  You are the Best and good things are coming your way!  Make me proud!

Be amazed at the power of YOU!!!


Life can be boring sometimes.  Today’s challenge is to take something mundane and turn it into something extraordinary.  Life is, after all,  all about choices–right?  So, today you get to make a choice to spice up your life–and that of somebody else.  How you choose to do that is in your more than able hands, but try the few suggestions below, if you’d like. 



OR This:


Seems a Honey-Do Jar resides in many homes.  How ’bout yours?  Would you rather select next task like:


or this:


I know I sometimes forget to put extra effort into inspiring those in my life I care about the most.  How ’bout you?  Take an extra minute to cause a little excitement.  Think you’re tough enough–or soft enough–to take the challenge?  I dare you–no, I double-dog dare you to add a little spice.  As always, I’d never ask you to do something that I, myself wasn’t willing to do.  We’re in this together!  You are the Best!  And today is going to be a day to add some spice to your life!    


Seems some of us live a lifetime “waiting” for things to happen–waiting for that phone call, that next opportunity, that really big break.   Today’s challenge is to choose to be someone who MAKES things happen rather than WAITING for them happen.  Truth be told, waiting will give you plenty of opportunity to learn patience, but I’ve made the choice this year to be one of the people who doesn’t wait around for things to happen, but chooses instead to make them happen.  It really is a choice.  Think you’re tough enough to take the challenge?  I know you are.

Today presents you with an opportunity to make those phone calls, to present those opportunities, and to make the big breaks happen.   If you are already holding those reins tightly in your hands, guiding your future, you are indeed my hero.  Giddup and hold onto your hat.  You’re in the the ride of your life.  I’ll see you at the local watering hole.  Look forward to sharing some great stories with you.  You are the Best!  Make me proud!


Ever willing to learn something new, I decided to follow advice that to learn business strategy, I should play chess.   Hey, I can do this.  I played chess with my brother when we were growing up.  Seems I thought it was a game for enjoyment, but he was serious.  Along with losing every game,  I also lost interest.  Who wants to lose all the time anyway?  Perhaps this time, I’ll do better, and learn some strategy along the way.  So, without any type of refresher or practice, I went online to learn some strategy.

I called my Mom to fill her in on my latest endeavor.  She sounded a bit apprehensive at the mention of my first opponent’s name–something like Aleksandar Polachinski.  Must admit I’d been having some second thoughts myself–sounds like a Russian chess pro.  My Mom recalled that I did know how to play chess already–and only laughed at me when I asked her refresh my memory on the official name of the “horsey”.  She laughed, “I see you remember this game.” 

So, very cautiously, I made my first move.  Seems I have dived in head-first on occasion without reflecting on the possible repercussions of my actions.  This could be a fresh oportunity for me to learn to look before I leap, right?  First move went well.  And the next.  I saw possible moves to take his pieces and I stopped–and I reviewed– and I rethought–and made a different move.   Even better, proud to say that I made my first five moves without any pain or loss until Mr. ChessPro took one of my horseys.  Now, you can take my pawns, but when you try to take a knight from me, this is war.  So, the very next opportunity that I had to take one of his horseys, you know I did it–without stopping and reviewing what came next–and I went on my merry way.

Decided he must certainly have taken his next move by now, so I went online to take my next move–and guess what?  The game was gone–OVER!!!  Over?  How could this game be over?  It was only one little piece.    Okay, it was a horsey.  In disbelief, I rechecked  three times only to find each time that the game really was over.  Seems he may have taught me something already. 

So, today’s challenge is to be ready to jump in with energy, enthusiasm, and vitality, but take a minute to regroup and rethink what happens after you make your move.  I might need a little break before I take on that next challenger–but I will be back for the next gaem.  How ’bout you?  Plenty more for me to learn.  You are the Best and good things are coming your way.  And today will be another opportunity to learn something new, to have a bit of fun, and to focus on what’s ahead.  If you ever decide to join me, could you bring along an extra horsey–seems I just might need one.  Good Knight!!!


Ever tried to build a house with a deck of cards or lined up dominoes in a long row only to find the house caves in on itself or the dominoes fall in rapid fashion at the most inopportune time?  Got a challenge in your life?  Don’t we all.  Even the most together person you might know has issues and challenges that might be beyond your ability to fathom.  So, today’s challenge — I hope you rested well last night because it’s a doozy — is to rise up tall and strong to begin again — against the challenge or challenges in  your life — and don’t forget there’s somebody else out there with struggles all their own.  I told you it was a big one — why are you surprised — you should know I expect a lot from you, right?

On your mark — get set — ah ah ah — not yet.  You are the Best and good things are coming your way!  Make today another opportunity to begin the fight, to continue the fight or to join forces with someone who needs your help in the battle.  Think you’re tough enough to take the challenge?  I know you are!  GO — I’m right here by your side!!! Make me proud!!!


Ever hear that the early bird gets the worm? Sounds yummy, doesn’t it? Of late, I’ve found a new diversion called Facebook. Now Facebook, in and of itself, is not what has intrigued, me, though I caught up with lots of people I haven’t talked to in quite some time. However, it’s the games that have really caught my attention. Will admit to trying a dice game called Farkle. Had me hooked for about a week. Then on to Farm Town. I didn’t have a clue to all of the latent farming capabilities that dwelled within my soul, though I’m sure that harvesting a crop certainly couldn’t be quite that easy. I keep waiting for the tornado or some other disaster to wipe out my crops and certainly every type of tree known to man in one space isn’t exactly realistic, but who needs reality 24/7 anyway, huh?

I think I’ve gotten my Farm Town addiction under control (maybe). That game, by itself, has proved a very good learning tool for me. Guess what my farm looked like? All crops. The only trees and flowers were gifts from the other farmers. I’m telling you, those farmers are quite generous and I will admit to sending out at least an acre of mango trees to my farmer friends, as well.

When I realized that my farm only consisted of work–and this was supposed to be a game–it made me take a really good look at my life. Even my idea of fun is work. So, I regrouped, let go of a few of the many coins that I had earned harvesting others crops and plowing. I am REALLY good at that stuff, by the way. So, I purchased a small pond, an umbrella table with chairs, a large topiary deer (you know–the sculptured plants). It’s really big, by the way–but I was feeling decadent. I splurged on that baby, let me tell you. I even spent $70,000 coins to purchase a small farmhouse–and guess what?–I got swindled. That huge investment (for me) didn’t materialize on my Farm Town website–sad to say.

Now, my farm, like my life, is still a work-in-progress, but I think I’m learning that it’s okay to take some time for me, to rest, relax, and not take life quite so seriously. How ’bout you? When’s the last time you went on vacation (and left the company cellphone and laptop ) behind? Hmmm–makes you think, huh?

So, today’s challenge is to take a minute to step back from your normal routine and take a minute to play a game. It just might show you what you’re really missing. Think you’re tough enough to take the challenge. I know you are.

By the way, I’m still keeping the farm, but I’ve moved on to a bit more cerebral game–Scrabble. You play a game with someone online and they respond when they get a chance, then you take your turn. Have to admit that wasn’t moving fast enough for me, so I offered to host one table. Very quickly, I was playing the second game of scrabble–but still not fast enough for me. Have to admit that I like the big words with the low scores much better than the short words with high scores. I know–the score’s what it’s all about, so I’ve rethought my strategy and have now won 4 games–out of about more than 10 (cough) plus –okay, twenty losses. We learn from everything. And I’m not going to tell you that I have about 20 games going at the same time, but I do. And my challengers understand that I will get to them when I have a minute.

One thing that I have noticed, though, is that all the smart people go to sleep early. I play until the last one calls it quits. What am I thinking? I know–I know. I’m learning. And I won’t tell you what time I’m writing this–because there is no one to play scrabble with. All the smart people have gone to bed–and time for me to do the same.

Take a minute to learn from everything in your life. Find some time to have some fun. You deserve it. Plan a vacation–and take it. Appreciate the ones you love and who love you. They’re off to college much too soon. And get to bed. All the smart people are already asleep. You are the Best and good things are coming your way. Make me proud–psst–and if you decide not to go to sleep–meet me on Facebook—the scrabble game is called Lexulous. Very fun! Thinking–it’s a good thing. Oh, yeah–and remember–when you get to bed early and rise early, you get to eat worms. No, thanks, don’t save me any. I’m thinking a late brunch might be just fine.


Don’t know ’bout you, but when I was growing up, we had chores to do, especially during the summer monthes. They weren’t difficult. They were a teaching tool. We had to make our beds, keep our rooms clean, help with dishes, dusting, vacuuming, an so on. We even had a chart, complete with stars, if I recall correctly. However, on odd occasions (probably less odd than you would imagine), when we tumbled out of bed, my Mom would declare “a holiday”. What’s a holiday, you ask? Well, that day, we didn’t have to do our chores and we spent the entire day playing games with her and having fun. Funny the things you remember from your childhood, huh? Those “holidays” remain bright and shining in my memory.

Got any memories of holidays yourself? Christmas? Easter? Birthdays? Ground Hog’s Day? Labor Day? Sure are some funny holidays out there, aren’t there? Could we talk about Labor Day for just a minute? Why is it that we don’t work on Labor Day? The day set aside to honor people who work hard. We celebrate with cook-outs and family get-togethers. Don’t know ’bout you, but I think Labor Day just might be a sham. Seems we should all be at work–maybe even putting in overtime to honor that day. Shhh–don’t tell anyone I said that. I’ve already got my Labor Day plans in place and none of them includes working. Just something else to make us go hmmmm. Hope you’ve got some plans in place for declaring “a holiday”. Enjoy! You are the Best and good things are coming your way.


“Surround yourself with young people and you will never grow old.”  ~Anne’s Mom

When being introduced to my 18-year old’s friends the other day, her comment to them was, “This is my Mom. Something happened to her when she was 13-years old and she’s never gotten any older.” I’m thinking she might not have meant that to be a compliment–but you know me–doesn’t matter how many birthdays I celebrate–I’m NOT EVER getting old. Care to join me in this endeavor? Think you’re tough enough? I know you are.

So, today’s task is to surround yourself with young people–young ideas–enthusiasm–and goodness and light. Then you–like me–will be on your way to being one of the  oldest youngsters around. Be the envy of the folks around you. Keep your enthusiasm! Never lose hope! And spread the joy! You are the Best and good things are coming your way. And today will be the perfect day to remind yourself to be all that you can be. The best is yet to come.